Thaisengyont Ltd., is an Rice Combine harvester design and development company.

With over 10 years of experiences and more than a 1000 of customers to have confidence with us.

For these reason Thaisengyont Ltd., is a leader in agricultural machine manufacturing such as reaping machine and threshing machine in Thailand.

An innovation for farmer’s easier and faster working. The major objective of our company is to constantly develop high efficiency products and services enabling Thai farmer to compete in the global. market.

In the beginning of this year 2007, we have opportunity to share our goal with Closes friend like Cambodia. Witch means that our company mission to have showroom and services center all in Asia.

Contact: Mr Chaisith  (MD)

Tel. +6655-227-077


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A Superior speed machine, “Mod Tanoy 10 HT” is a high performance, popular reaping and threshing machine with perfect system. The completed designed undercarriage system, namely “10HT”, enables the farmers to reap rice as fast as they can imagine.

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A hi-Proficient Machine.

“Phaya Mod 12HT” is a heavy-duty, reaping and threshing machine consisting of 12HT backhoe undercarriage which is noted by its strength and durability for every different landscape even mud hole, and PV-23  hydraulic pump for extra smooth driving.

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JaoPayu  D4 and D25 is the most worthwhile and powerful Threshing machine equipped with standard storage that rice can be Altogether threshed and carried in this machine by only one operator. With hydraulics pipe transmissions system, rice will be quickly passed On the truck.

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Head Office

551 Moo3 Pharam2 Rd., Kwaeng Jomthong,

Kate Jomthong, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel. +662-468-9977



79/43 Moo4, Soi Wat Bang Kradee, Pharam2 Rd.,

Kwaeng Samaedam Kate Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel. +662-452-1880



612 Moo8, Tambol Thathong, Ampur Mueng,

Pisanulok 65000

Tel. +6655-227-077


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